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Printers Miscellaneous

Questions about the best photo editing software in the planet.

  1. How do I load the Action file (.atn) file in my Photoshop?
  2. The easiest way is to double-click the .atn file, Photoshop will automatically load the action file. To check if the Action was loaded, goto the Window Menu --> Actions


Photoshop Miscellaneous

Questions about printers for digital printing business (home-based).

  1. What printer do I need to purchase?
  2. For High-Quality photo print at enormous high-speed, use Epson T60, which cost around Php 10,000 (as of June 2, 2011) or Epson R230 (Php 12,500), for budget-friendly printers, use (Epson T13/ ME32). All of which must be CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) to save up to 95% of ink-cost.

  3. What is a resetter?
  4. Printer resetter or simply "resetter" is a software program used primarily to clear the waste ink pad counter.

  5. What is a Waste Ink Pad Counter?
  6. Waste ink pad counter is a part of the printer that monitors how much "waste" ink is deposited in the waste tank inside the printer.

  7. I have installed a Waste Ink Bottle outside the printer, do I still need a resetter?
  8. Yes. When the internal counter reaches its maximum value, the printer will seize to print unless reset.

  9. What are the different kinds of ink used in digital printing?
  10. There are three types of inks: dye, pigmented, sublimation.

  11. What are the differences of dye, pigmented, or sublimation? What medium they can be used?
  12. Dye ink are for general printing - can be used on plain paper or photo paper. Pigmented ink can also be used on photos, and mostly used for transfer papers on t-shirts, bags, umbrellas, and PVC products (ID, fans, invitations). Sublimation or corrosion ink is used for ceramics printing. Use to print on sublimation paper that will be heat-compounded into coated mugs, sports jugs, tiles, rocks or umbrellas, folded fan, puzzles, calling cards, and many more.


Photoshop Printers

Other questions related to Digital Printing.

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